We implimented online accounting & CRM software solutions, through which you communicate with your accounts exective. By using these platforms, you electronically submit your data to them for submission to the medical aids. No more faxes, scans or couriers. Just seemless submissions to ensure that you focus on what really matters

Submit your claims with ease

We only bill on money you actually received, and not ons claims submitted. This ensures that we will never invoice you for work that hadn't been done, nor for money that  you didn't receive.  We are also one of only a few, if not the only, claims administrators which will allow clients to allocate only selected medical aids to us. surely you'd like to test the waters before you jump right in?

We have tailormade our billing structure to ensure that you reach a ceiling with regard to you billing. We implimented a minimum and maximum fee, with a 5% collection fee in between. This way you know exactly what to expect, and that you never exceed your budgets.