Basic accounting normally has 4 cycles. Income, Expenditure, Bank & Cash and Assets & Liabilities. It is impossible to separate these as each of them has an adverse effect on the other. So why would you want to separate your medical aid submissions from your monthly accounting?

Integration has never been easier

MedsAccount teamed up with an established Pretoria based accounting, tax & consulting firm. This marriage gives you the peace of mind that all of the above cycles are addressed. The accounting team takes over where the MedsAccount team left off. MedsAccount covers the income, debtor and deposits, while the accounting team completes the circle by ensureing proper recordkeeping of expenses, payments, assets and liabilities all the way trough to annual financial statements and taxation.


Similar to the billing structure of claim submissions, the combined service has a minimum and maximum monthly fee, with a 7% collection fee in between. We structured this billing plan in such a way that our clients build up a savings fund from excess fees to be used against ay accounting- and tax related services. Read more about the on the "Standard Billing" Page.