Medsaccount is a medical administration company which provides a turnkey administration solution to your medical practice

Full or partial outsourcing of the accounts department of your practice. 


Apart from handling the entire claims submission process, we also offer accounting services that range from basic bookkeeping and statutory work, to advanced payroll, income tax, VAT and audit services. Furthermore, MedsAccount can manage patient arrears and collections through the legal system. All work is done utilising industry leading medical management software applications used in collaboration with internationally accepted Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.  The use of these applications guarantees highly effective account management, clear and effective communication and auditable, transparent record keeping.


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To lead in an industry where only service will set you apart, MedsAccount is committed to just that; unmatched personal service from skilled and experienced account executives. People committed to accurate processing, effective communication and all-round outstanding client satisfaction.



Our rates are the most cost effective in the industry. Enabled by the effective use of people, processes and infrastructure, our solutions are tailored around your unique needs and are cost effective across all businesses, irrespective of size or activity level.



Through the seamless integration between processing, accounting, collections and legal functions, we guarantee that you will experience the true value of effective outsourcing.



Well trained, motivated processing teams handle claims under strict supervision from account managers to ensure that information is captured with the highest level of accuracy. By improving turnaround time and minimising delays, cash flow is improved.



We guarantee a 24 hour turnaround time, six days a week on all claims received electronically. Accounting, collections and legal tasks are all performed with the same focus and determination to deliver timeously and effectively.


“Our fully integrated, personalised service and attention to detail will prove that efficient and cost effective outsourcing makes financial and business sense”.


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